WOW what a workout

I think that it is the first time that I actually considered quitting while I was doing the first exercise. 

2nd round was one of the most brutal time challenges I have ever done (I know one more that are actually as hard as this one – but maybe wait a few days with that one 🙂 just in case). 

I was literally considering stop filming and just do some other less brutal workout but some how I didn’t. I found a way to complete and to conquer this one. And afterwards I’m so happy I didn’t quit but pushed myself to the ABSOLUTE maximum 😄

That is what I preach every day to all you good people; better to just push yourself and push your limits of what you thought you could do. What your body are actually capable off. I  quite amazed by how I managed to push even if the easiest part is to skip or even quit. 

Two main reasons I believe kept me going were: all of you 🙂 who bring so much meaning into my daily workouts by supporting every day with comments and ideas. And second is this feeling I know I am going to have when I complete and succeed with a workout. I know that I do something good for my body and not to forget my soul. My workouts are equally important for my health as for my mood. It is so vital for my mind to do great things for me. There are many things that makes me happy but workout is one sure thing. 

Hoping to bring numerous workouts your way from Denmark 🙂 and my living room. Keep bringing comments and share my website if you feel like bringing other active people into our little community. We inspire each other and why not try hard to reach as far as possible. Why not bring FREE realtime workouts directly into ever people’s lives. See you and have a fantastic weekend. Hugs Pernille 

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  • admin

    I’ll let you know if it is needed. Thank you for all your help so far. Glad that the workout had an effect. 🙂

  • Lena (lenula)

    I can send you that excell file if you have want to. I know it sounds “messy” now, but it is quite a lot of fun 🙂
    Oh and my legs, arms, booty, everything is sooo sore after this crazy workout you posted yesterday! It was so intense, a new level of challenge and soreness in the LoveFitness world 🙂

  • admin

    this I need to kind of write down my self soit makes sense but I think I get it. Thank you Lenuala for ALL your help and inspiration. REALLY appreciate it. Dedicate it to you when I’ll do this.
    Hugs from Denmark

  • Lena (lenula)

    And I have one more format for you:

    You do 10 reps of each:
    Push ups
    Crab touch

    Then you do a jump squats tabata (20/10). This is round 1.

    Then you repeat the four moves (10 reps again) and do a plyo push ups tabata. This is round 2.

    Round 3 is again 10 reps of those 4 moves and than a jump lunges tabata.

    Round 4 is again 10 reps of those 4 moves and then a crab kicks tabata.

    So you do strenght based moves for reps and during those tabatas, you do plyo versions of those strength moves. I thought you may like this 🙂

  • Lena (lenula)

    Hi Pernille, so here is the workout I told you about. There are 11 moves, you for 50/10 (or 40/10, 30/10, or 10 reps of each, you decide) and you go in a zig zag style. You go through all the moves, then you go back up, but without the last one. Then you go back down, but again without the last move you did on the previous set. (it sounds a bit difficult now, I know, but it is very intuitive once you get it right. I wrote it into an excell file, so it looks better there than written here 🙂 Simply you just go down – up -down -up, always leaving the last move behind 🙂

    First round:
    1) Manmakers
    2) Curtsy lunges
    3) Divebombers
    4) Plank jack shoulder touch
    5) low jacks
    6) Squats
    7) Switch lunges
    8) Strict mt. Climbers
    9) Plank rows
    10) Burpees
    11) Tucks

    Then you go back from move 10 til move 1, so the second round is:
    1) Burpees
    2) Plank rows
    3) Strict mt. climbers…..

    10) Manmakers

    Then you go back from the second move til the last from second round, so the 3rd round is:
    1) curtsey lunges
    2) divebombers
    9) burpees

    4th round is:
    1) plank rows
    2) mt. climbers
    8) curtsey lunges

    5th round:
    1) divebombers
    2) plank jacks
    7) plank rows

    6th round:
    1) strict mt. climbers
    2) switch lunges

    6) divebombers

    etc etc until the 11th round, which is “only” squats.

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