Working hard and love it <3 <3

As my title says, I’m really grateful for this opportunity to get my message out to people. My mission is to inspire and to be the motivation that makes people want to change their lifestyle to something more healthy and positive.

To be active every day and to make healthy choices that is my own goal in my own life, and why not inspire others to have the same. Every day it makes me feel like I have a purpose and that all my hard work and effort makes perfectly sense. When I read all  your comments and feel the gratitude from all you guys I’m sooooo happy. Every day I have the same struggles as many others. Need sometimes to find a motivation to workout. I can easily find reasons not to workout. A good excuse… believe me I have used them all…. But when I think of all of you, I can’t really argue my self away from working out. 

The results are, that no matter what, I get my workout done, and you get a new workout to join realtime with me. WIN WIN. I do only these workouts daily and REALLY need to do them. Why? Because:

  1. I am so much happier when they are DONE. Smiling all the way to the shower. And my husband loves a happy wife.
  2. Knowing that I am doing my body a favour. It will be grateful and last longer because of it.
  3. I know that my metabolism are boosting and fatburn 100% 
  4. It makes it easier to say no to unhealthy foods. 
  5. Makes perfectly sense to inspire others, and I have to be a rolemodel. Practice what you preach kinda thing.
  6. Gives me energy to manage the rest of the day
  7. Mental on top of the world. Daily workouts makes me confident and makes me stronger in body and mind.

Hopefully workouts gives you some of these benefits and please let me know if you want to share what workouts gives to you and your life in general 🙂

Hugs and have a fantastic day.


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