Why do home workouts? Need a reason? Read this

I Would rather ask:

Why not workout at home? I can think of may good reasons why you should consider the benifits:

  1. You can get in fantastic shape at home. No limits
  2. No need for waiting for equipment, and waste time
  3. No reason to feel that everybody is looking at you or feeling embarresed about how you look
  4. You will not have to leave the comfort of your home

It is only you, and you alone kicking your own butt and fighting your body into the best shape of your life!!!

But of course there are some issues you need to consider before getting started. It is not always easy to workout at home. Lots of different distractions to be aware of. So lets get the start point as optimal as possible, so you won’t get discouraged. Why not succeed right from the start!! We must be preparred to start and remove the obsticles that will ruin your good intentions. Here are some suggestions how to kick off home workout in the right way, and the homeworkouts will soon be your best choise and you’ll never wanna go back.

Disstractions removal.

The issue here is that, when you are at home, there are all these other things that sorrounds you, that you could do instead of working out. House cleaning, run errands, call someone, watch tv, do the disches, vaccum the living room…. I could go on. It is like everything is screaming at you, and it will distract you from your intentions to workout.

You need to stay focused and go and get the workout done, and then do all the other stuff. I’ll bet many of the things aren’t that important afterwards.

Shut down your phone or on mute and close the door (if possible) to whatever distracts you. Whatever you have to do, do it. Temptations are everywhere. I know 🙂 Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt 😉

Create you “own space”.

If you have your own space where your workouts can be done on a daily basis, you won’t have a hard time fo find the motivation, because it is all ready for you. Make it look inviting and easy to just start. If you have to move several furnitures, or prepare your workout space everytime you want to workout, there is a high chance of quitting og just find excuses not to get the workout done. It will be more like “to go,”to your fitness space and it will feel more official and your workout seems like a natural thing to do there. Now don’t panic. We are not talking abour a fancy workout zone/space, but just a corner in your house/apartment where you have a mat and some dumbbels/kettlebells. Make it YOUR SPACE and look at it as an investment in you and your healthy lifestyle.

Have a plan.

Have a plan to know what exercises to do, what are you goals, bodywise, and how much time do you want to put into living a healty and more active life.

Don’t use precious time wondering what to do next. Think your workout through and prepare for what you are bringing to your own workout. No one is waiting for you to get it done. You need to be mentally and psysically ready. So have a plan is what makes this workout type a succes. Know what exercises you are going to do, get the equipment and gear ready and go.

The routine in preparations are not to be overlooked. If that are in order, there are a highly rate of succes and why not ame for that???

If you still aren’t sure where or how to start, I have over 500 different workouts on my website, and the beginner section are for everybody and a great place to start if you are absolutly new at this. Both beginner and intermediate levels, and the lenght are about 10-15 minutes long, meaning you can easily fit them into your busy daily programme! And the best part. Thet are absolutely free. No expensive trainers only free Realtime workouts with me. I love home workouts! Are you with me?

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