Who is LoveFitness

Welcome to my website, and hopefully you will find some workouts, that fits perfectly into your day, and lifestyle 🙂

Here is a little about my self:

My name is Pernille S.Wedel-Heinen and I’m 46 years old

I have a mission. I really want to inspire others to workout. 10-30 minutes a day and you can easily get in the shape. Almost daily I update training directly to your livingroom….., so you can train with me when it suits you. It is an advantage if you have HIIT experience, and have a good idea of ​​what your body can and can not do. If you are a beginner regarding training at all,  I  recommend that you start up in the beginner section. In addition, you must critical approach to what you’re doing. Have a mirror so you always are able to check your form.  

I you have questions or workout related subjects you want to bring here,  write me on my email or under the video.

You train home, with my video in front of you as a motivator through each exercise, or you can watch the video through, write the breakdown and work out at your own pace / other time intervals.

I myself have spent numerous hours in gyms, and I must say that my body has never been more lean than now. Whether it is because I have not pushed myself enough, or whether it is the time perspective that affect my muscle development, I will not come with wise opinions about. But the result speaks for itself. My training keep bringing me results, and I do not spend several hours a day.  It is quick and effective. It’s simply amazing. Hope you’re ready for battle against fat and low energy and I personally will make it my mission to help  you to reach your goals. Of course this requires that you have self-discipline and have the courage and the desire to push yourself a little more than yesterday 🙂 for the results to happen. You are welcome to comment on the individual videos, or write directly to me on my blog. That way I can, develop the site so that it is as user friendly as possible, be inspired by you. I look forward to get started with you 😀

Hugs Pernille