Time is precious!

In a time where I feel that, to many people are way to busy, running around trying to be a perfect spouse, perfect mum/dad, perfect employe, perfect daughter/son, I’ve come to realise something. The free workout concept fits perfectly into todays lifestyle. We all want to look our best, and we want to have that ekstra energy level, and be mentally on top. Even if in my opinion, we should slow down and just breathe and be present, I can’t ignore the speed everybody are having in todays society, and that unfortunately affects me too.  We are always looking for a effective and quick solution to every daily thing. And that effects there surroundings too. But if we just think about it. People want more time. Time is important. Time is the deal breaker here. 

When I talk to people about working out and choosing a healthy lifestyle for themselves, the conversation always comes down to one issue. How often haven’t I heard; ‘if I just had more time’ or ‘I don’t have time for this and that’. So time is precious!!!. With that said we need to put everything into our daily lives that brings us happiness and fulfilment. Why not just change the way we see things. Who told you that you need to spend 1 hour in the gym before the results will come? Who told you to use at least one hour with high intensity to actually burn fat? or get in shape?

If you look it up, studies actually suggest that you use less time, but instead focus on the quality you put into your workouts. It is proven that after 30-40 minutes your body goes on half speed or less. So why continue? See THAT IS a waste of that precious time of ours. It is more effective to push yourself at your max in a shorter period of time, and then give your body rest to recuperate. Of course if you are not pushing yourself in the first half hour, because mentally you are saving your energy, then you need to continue. You have to burn those calories no matter what. But my point is, you have a choice here; That you can easily burn the same amount of calories in a shorter period of time, as long as you push yourself.

In my experience, if I know that I have an hour workout in front of me, I will NOT push myself to the maximum at the beginning. But that is exactly my point. Why not just push myself from the beginning ??? and just stop when my body tells me instead. And your body WILL tell you, trust me 😉

Then I will save time and still get the same amount of calorie burn and my metabolism raised. WIN WIN YAAAAY 

The free workout plan are perfect for you because:

  • You save time travelling back and forth to the gym.
  • Saves time during a busy day and still get the benefits such as raise your metabolism and calorie burn.
  • More time to your spouse, children, daily tasks and so on.
  • More energy to brain and body.
  • When you workout it will bring a happy feeling into your body and mind. The mental and physical benefits are numerous.
  • The bad conscience are not there anymore, because now you have more time to call you friends, visit your parents to say hi, and get that house cleaning done. 
  • Happy inside and out, what could be more idyllic 😉
  • Save money on expensive club fees
  • Weather and other conditions are not a factor, because you workout at home
  • On vacation you can workout on a beach, hotel room or garden. No limits or excuses 😉  

As you can see I could go on but I hope that you will think about it and try it out. It is SO worth it.

Please comment if you want to share a opinion about the above or have other health related thoughts or questions.

Live happy and healthy

Hugs Pernille

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