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I need to take a step back and just find myself. My new job and personal journey has just begun, and I feel so exhausted just being a colleague, wife and mom at the moment. I do not want to be in front of any camera at this moment. I feel kind of lost in the desire to spread the workouts to everybody, but don’t feel I’m in the right place in my life to do so, and just want to quit it overall.
My motivation for making lovefitness is GONE. I will still do my workouts but off camera, because I want to workout, but at the moment just for me. Hope it makes sense and you will be understanding and supportive. Don’t know yet what to choose, but for now I’m off.


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  • admin

    Awww thanks for this sweet comment. Happy to read that you want to stay in touch. Yes all this need for perfection and struggles to succeed in everything it is actually my worst enemy, but also what drives me in everything I do, and I’m not sure that can ever change. It is important to learn to live with it and finding balance. Need to do meditation and finding inner peace 😉
    Huge hugs and love from Denmark 🙂

  • Lena (lenula)

    You know what is the funny thing? That we often look perfect, spotless in the eyes of our family, friends, co-workers.. It is only us, our own eyes, that are deceiving, telling us we have to be better, faster, more efficient.. But it is impossible to stop thinking this way. We are probably our worst critiques, and enemies. So I understand your feelings and your need for perfection. And at the same time, I am sure you are spotless in eyes of your family and people you love.
    I am happy to hear you love your job! Not everyone is so lucky. But yes, even if jobs we love, we have only certain amount of energy and trying to be a rolemodel is prettey demanding. You are still amazing, no matter what you do after the work – you may do a workout or lay on a sofa and read a book or do nothing. One day is like that, other day may be different. I would be more than happy to stay in touch with you! After some years in the youtube world, I think I have found only two persons who stayed the same, sincere, honest and kind. You are one of them.

  • admin

    Thank you Lena <3 <3 You are the sweetest. You totally get me and thank you for being so true and kind. I REALLY want to do everything spotless and perfect so yes it is hard for me to do that ALL the time and in EVERYTHING I do.
    I work long days and LOVE my new job. It is so rewarding and challenging at the same time, and it gives me the possibility to grow as a person and professionally too.
    So thankful to HAVE a job and when the job is so great and giving, that just makes me so happy and grateful. But it really sucks the energy out of me to be this rolemodel to these youngsters 24/7. But I love it so it makes up for all the tiredness and low-energy in my sofa when I'm home 🙂
    Would love to stay in touch with you. Hope you feel the same way 🙂
    love and all the best to you too.

  • Lena (lenula)

    Hi Pernille, I understand how you feel, I do.. It must be so tough to do all those things, manage to have all the roles you have, and I know you are like me, trying to be perfect in everything you do. Being in front of the camera, doing the youtube and live workouts all the time, that is just oo much when you combine it with all the other stuff you need to do/want to do. I hope your new personal and professional journey will be a happy one and will lead you to a happy place, to the right place where you feel awesome and just “you”. Maybe you will come back to doing youtube workouts, maybe not – but it is all about you and your decisions and you need to follow your desires, so do it. Wishing you all the best!

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