New layout….

….. and hopefully a website easier to use for you all. In these days I have a little sparetime to work on my website and blog. It has been difficult for me to figure out how and what to post. In english or in danish and been a little confused about the whole idea of having […]

New challenge is up!

‘Summer beach body prep’ is the new challenge, and it starts today. First workout are a 24 minute workout with use of some equipment. Look through the video, if it is something for you and if you don’t have any equipment at all, you can easily modify or do another workout. I know that I […]

need a round butt?

These daily HIITs are great for weight loss and getting that toned body. It REALLY works and make great results if you push yourself every time, every minute, every workout. My muscles are just the way I want it….or still need one muscles group to grow 🙂 Yes – my glutes. Now, because I’ve lost […]


for todays live workout 32,40 minutes on my facebookpage 10/65/65 10 high knees /drop down ## mt. cl leaping walk over push up ## squat feet clap burpee 180* turn jump tuck ## donkey kick lift off kick under tricep down and hold 4 leg lifts / plank jacks 4 ## 5 russian kicks […]