All new to HIIT and a total beginner. Do not despair. Help is here

All new to HIIT workouts and you don’t know where to begin. 

Don’t worry. The workouts to start with is right here. You just have to put on some comfortable workout clothes and press play. 

The workouts can also be effective for more advanced HIIT’ers out there. I put a little more explanations in the videos but other than that they are as tough as you want them to be.

Very Important information you have to consider. If you just have been injured or recovering from a injury, be aware. Ask your doctor or fysio therapist if you are cleared to start up. Always listen to the experts. They know what they are talking about, and of course listen to your body. Always listen to what ever it tells you. It is always right 🙂 Not your mind though 😉 


Have fun with the workouts and please comment and let me know how you think about the workouts. In that way I am able to create a workout site that you feel works for you and your body.

If you want to read a little about my daily struggle, it is here: in danish rigtig now, but working on translating it into english 🙂 We all struggle and want to share 🙂

Daily struggle 



10 sec of rest 50 sec of work
2 rounds of 6 exercises and you’ll need a chair and optional a dumbell.
Listen to your body and push yourself at your maximum all the time.
Look through the video so you can prepare yourself for what is coming your way 🙂
Get ready and hit it 🙂
1. Lunge back & squat alt. Leg

2. Bicykle abs

3. Step up and press up db alt legs

4. Bridge one leg up L

5. Bridge one leg up R

6. Knee ins Chair


Beginner #3


10 minute Beginner lean body exercises workout lovefitness w/ pernille #4

10/50 10 minutes w/chair

  1. Toe taps jump or ‘walk’ (chair)
  2. Dips (chair)
  3. Dynamic squats
  4. Pike jumps (chair)
  5. Toe tap jumps or ‘walk’ (chair)
  6. Lunge sideways lunge back R
  7. Plank hold shoulder tap (chair)
  8. Lunge sideways lunge back L
  9. Knee ins plank (chair)
  10. Skaters high jump toe touch


#6 beginner 12 minute cardio and booty workout


12 minute beginner fatburner workout lovefitness w/pernille

  1. Squat and front kick alt. legs
  2. 10 mt climbers 2 push ups
  3. Skater and touch down
  4. (3-4) lunges back step plank
  5. Side jump lunges DB
  6. Dips DB

12 minute beginner workout lovefitness w/pernille

(Db and swiss ball are optional)

  1. Lunge back shoulder press up
  2. Swiss ball tuck ins
  3. Squat and pendulum leg out
  4. Side to side windshield Swiss ball
  5. Dynamic squats
  6. 3 d push up


13,5 minute beginner workout lovefitness w/pernille

(Db or UGI are optional)

30sec =In between each exercise = dead lift jump up R or L

50sec =one of 5 exercises

  1. Squat and twist up
  2. (4) crunch heel touch and (4) temple taps
  3. Ugi wood chop squat up alt side
  4. Elbow plank knee drop (4) reptile leg (4)
  5. Globe jumps

12 minute beginner no equipment workout lovefitness w/pernille

You can use a chair for the plank exercises if regular planks are too challenging for you.

  1. Plank leg out & in
  2. Dip(2) and Russian kicks (4)
  3. Curtsey lunge and kick side R
  4. Curtsey lunge and kick side L
  5. One leg hip thrust on back R
  6. One leg hip thrust L
  7. Side jump lunge jump knee up alt side
  8. Back plank /frogger and jump up
  9. Toe touch leg out
  10. Super girl push up (on knees or feet)
  11. Pike jumps
  12. Ski jumps




14 minute bodyweight workout NO EQUIPMENT
You can use a chair for the plank exercises if regular planks are too challenging for you.

2 rounds of 7 exercises

1. Dynamic squats 4 – skaters 4
2. Plank toe touches 4 – commandos 2
3. Jump lunge burpee
4. Strict mt climber 4 – frogger 2 – leg lifts 2
5. Plié jumps
6. 3 lunge pulse and warrior hold R
7. 3 lunge pulse and warrior hold L



Herefter er lidt mere mere udfordrende træninger. Stadig til nybegyndere, men dog med lidt mere kul på 🙂




10 min styrke

Du skal til denne evt. bruge en stol som udstyr, men ikke en nødvendighed 🙂

god træning 5 øvelser 2 runder 10/50

12 min. cardio og ben/balder

6 min cardio / core

12 minutters træning

4 øvelser 3 runder af 10/50

intet udstyr udover evt. en måtte

1. squat

2. push ups

3. back lunge & kick up

4. Plank knee tuck 2 , reptile 2

begynder program

4 øvelser 4 runder af 5/40 12 minutter ialt 🙂

intet udstyr bare dig med masser af energi.

Den er hård for skulder, mave og arme 🙂

1. 1/2 burpees (no push up)

2. dancing crabs

3. plank leg cross under

4. donkey kicks

god fornøjelse

10 min begynder

5 øvelser 10/50 2 runder

1. side jump lunges

2. plank shoulder tap

3. squat & leg out

4. push up super girl

5. v ups

10 min begynder


10/50 5øvelser 2 runder 10 minutter ialt 😀

1. 10 kigh knees & drop down

2. curtsey lunge and kick up (R)

3. Star V abs

4. curtsey lunge and kick up (L)

5. mountain climbers (


12 min cardio med sjippetov (hvis du har ellers laver du bare High Knees)

1. Jump rope

2. plank walk out and 2 push ups shoulder taps

3. jump rope

4. Prisoner squat and front kick


10 min med enkle dog hårde øvelser er klar til jer 🙂

1. 1/2 burpees

2. plank jacks

3. sumo squat and jump up/stand up

4. santana push up

5. russian twist (med eller uden en håndvægt)


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