Oh my

So sore in my legs right now. If you haven’t done today’s workout yet, go ahead. I can only say that it is effective and tough.

Tonight I have been planning new workouts and right now  not even sure that I’m capable to complete a workout tomorrow. Well let’s see how my body feels in the morning.

Hope you are having an amazing weekend so far and looking forward to read your comments when today’s workout is completed 😊

If I’m doing a workout tomorrow it will be a live one on Facebook. Remember to check in and say ‘hi’. If you have any questions or comments please do so.

Since the weather is so cold, rainy and windy it is going to be inside and of course trying to do a silent one but still a cardio workout. Not sure how that is possible yet, but I will try 😳😉

Hope to see you and join me in the struggle. We are in this together right?

Love P ❤

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