New workouts ready for you :-)

Are you ready? Want that beach body. I do indeed, and then there is only one thing, and one thing only to do; WORKOUT and push hard. I must say that today it really hit me how much strength I have lost over the past 4 months. Sad but the truth. I NEED to get back into the shape I had in October last year. My goodness the push ups are really sad for sore eyes :-D. But hey, I have the solution…. hard work and determination. The last two months has been so hard on me mentally and physically, and really need to succeed and to be good at something. I need to fight this mental breakdown I have had, and somehow I just know that working out is the solution to my problem. I know I know – there is also other stuff I need to sort out, but my mental health are strongly connected to my body and the way I treat my body. Food and fitness. Both are very important to me.

Will soon start doing some running for some extra cardio, and when the weather gets better, the rooftop will be the best place for me to workout. I can make noise from jumping around, and just do my thing. That is something I look forward to. Hope to see you doing my workouts. Please share with friends and family, and subscribe to my Youtube channel for free as always. Hugs P

Link directly to my summer beach prep challenge

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