New discovery

Today I did a 35 minute workout and it is on the way to you great peeps 🙂 but the download are SOOOOO slow. It is a 10 minute cardio – 16 minute strength – 10 minute cardio and it was a great workout. 

You are going to need a skipping rope and I use an UGI ball for one exercise (all optional). Lately I have only been doing my fitness in a gym, and frankly it has actually been nice with a change. Nice to do fitness things with others. Nice to do a little competition and to get inspired. Also to do some of the exercises that I couldn’t do at home (box jumps, heavy dead lift, heavy squats, bosu exercises, medicin ball exercises as well) all good and missed. But….

I miss doing my home workouts because they are so versatile and fun. Time flyes by so quick and time saving BIG TIME. So now I’m back with some workouts. NOT daily (sorry) but trying to get at least two workouts a week in.

Today was a bit longer than I anticipated but my goal is to do them between 15-25 minutes long.

And now a few hours later, my body tells me something. These two months with gym fitness has been good for my back and ice to have been able to do other exercises, so a combination of gym and home fitness will for sure be my solution to my fitness journey. In that way I still get to do the more heavy exercises, and use some of the equipment I don’t have at home. That will make my fitness more challenging and fun, and to meet others in person means a lot to me. But to do my homeworkouts are also important to challenge my self with HIIT which I LOVVVE so much.

One thing I didn’t miss while away from youtube, was all the time I use on getting the video uploaded and ready for you guys. It takes for ever (5-6 hours uploading) and really makes my videos less fun to do. The technical issues also bothers me sometimes and that really sucks the energy out of me, when it doesn’t work. So I hope that with only 2 videos a week will be okay for me to do. Let’s see how it goes.

I hope you are still with me and working out on a regular basis. See you soon in another video.

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