New challenge

Are you ready to start the challenge on Saturday? If you want you can join my live videos on my facebook page for almost daily workouts free and just for you 🙂

The new challenge is 21 days straight with a workout every day. It is a mix of cardio and strength workouts, and hopefully at the end of the challenge you should be much stronger, more fit, and leaner than before. You’ll have to push yourself at your maximum and challenge yourself every workout. If you do I can promise you, that results WILL happen.

If you need to loose weight remember that 80% of your weight loss is made by the choices you make in the kitchen. Your eating habits are SO important to focus on, and you’ll have to bring down the amount of calories and carbs you put into your body. Be consistent with your diet/lifestyle and remember that when you work out you are more likely to choose more wisely when you shop groceries and cook your meals. Fitness and healthy foods go along just perfect so choose to live a healthy lifestyle in every aspect of your life. Get your 8 hour sleep every night, drink water, eat between 6-18 and choose one day a week when you treat yourself with some of your favourite sweets (ice cream, chocolate or candy). You’ve deserved it 🙂

Just a little teaser. Hope you are with me. Let’s do this boys and girls. We are in this together.

Would love to see you.

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