New 21 day summerchallenge

Soon a new challenge will hit you and hope you are ready 🙂

It will be a mix of CARDIO HIIT, strength, booty lift up, and ab focused workouts 🙂 It is not going to be long workouts. From 12-30 minutes workouts for everybody. I will try to minimize the use of equipment, but for results I need to challenge myself during my workouts. Maybe for you it is different and very important that you find your own level and pace. I try to show modifications and alternatives for you, if you don’t have ANY equipment, are on vacation or finds the workouts challenging enough without equipment. 

NOTE: It is important for me to point out, that we all have different fitness level and fitness goals. Your first priority NEED to be to do the exercises with proper form. Form always before speed and reps. That is the main reason to avoid injuries and to stay motivated though out the workout.

Always listen to your body and try to modify the exercise if needed.

A start date for my challenge? Well. At the moment I’m recording the workouts, so when the challenge kicks off, I have all the workouts lined up, so that uploading and downloading wont be a issue.

Hope you are with me and want to join the challenge.

Please comment. All your comments keeps me motivated. If it weren’t for you that comment after the workout on Youtube or here on my website, I wouldn’t have continued to do workouts for all of you. Thank you.



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  • admin

    thank you Lenula. Hope this challenge will live up to your expectations 🙂 Sandbag are absolutely great, but here in Denmark not a lot of sandbag owners. I will take it into consideration when I’m planning my workouts 😉
    We bought a 8 kilo vest and tried it today. WAY to heavy for me. Need to order a lighter one before I’m bringing it to my videos.
    Hope it will bring a lot of extra to my workouts and can’t wait to use it.

  • Lena (lenula)

    I really can´t wait for this challenge to start! It is so exciting, 21 days of new workouts from my very favorite trainer 🙂 And I agree – I also need to challenge myself during workouts, some equipment makes workouts more challenging, or even more fun, although I love bodyweights workouts as well. I love using a sandbag during my workouts, it is my favorite equipment.

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