need a round butt?

These daily HIITs are great for weight loss and getting that toned body. It REALLY works and make great results if you push yourself every time, every minute, every workout. My muscles are just the way I want it….or still need one muscles group to grow 🙂 Yes – my glutes.

Now, because I’ve lost a few kilos FINALLY (with the FAST 5 lifestyle – read on my website), my butt gets smaller…. and I really don’t want that. Link here

I am going to bring a new serie SHAPE UP, and it is mainly focused on your booty 🙂 You can do the workouts as your only daily workout, or you can combine it with one of my other workouts. One of my cardio ones maybe.

Will announce the start here on my website and on my facebook page. In the meantime I hope you are joining one of my other challenges or one of over 600 different workouts on my website and my Youtube channel. Hope to see you there and please comment and let me know what you think. Your comments are my motivation.

hugs P

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  • Lena

    OMG Pernille, such an awesome news for me 🙂 This serie is something I am really looking forward to. I am currently doing some workouts that bring quite good results when it comes to glutes (or lower body as a whole), but I am always looking for something new and also more effective. It is funny how we all lose weight in different places 🙂 When I lose weight, my chest gets a lot smaller, but my butt stays mostly the same.

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