Latest news and and update from Denmark

Hello all you lovely people who subscribes to my website. And been patiently waiting for me to update 🙂 HI

I have been taking a break for almost two months in case you wondered why I have been gone 🙂 and new here.

My back has really been my main problem, and it is STILL not okay, but my physiotherapist has told me, that I can do my workouts, just listen to my body (back).

So that is why I’m back, but not like before. I’m takin it easy because I don’t want to do any thing to make my back pains worse. I really missed my home-workouts and even though I’m okay with all the exercises I do in the gym, it is so different.

For a while it is shorter workouts with no equipment. Still brutal and fun but short and intense 🙂

Hope that you can find a workout here on my website that suits your level and time frame. See you and huge hugs for staying with me. It has been hard not to be able to do my regular workouts and a struggle to keep resting and not just go crazy.


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