How often do you workout?

Can you please help me. Just thinking that I really would like to know how often you workout? How are your workout plan for a week? Do you play the video realtime and workout along with me?

If not are you writing the workouts down and do them on your own? Before I did these live realtime workouts, I always wrote down the workout from Zuzka Light down on paper, and dit them in my own pace.

Tell me please about your workout journey. What motivates you, what kind of workout are your favourite (cardio, strength ,both)  and what exercise are your absolutely fav and hate?

Hope to hear from you. Thanks and love P

I will later write my own thoughts about this subject, just wanted your comments first 🙂


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  • admin

    Thank you for giving me some informations about your motivation and the workout plan you have for yourselves.
    I love to hear that whatever you do or where ever you are, that you get your workout in during the week. Funny Carrie that you struggle with the ninja jumps. I did also that in the beginning, and it is all in the mind. 🙂
    Lena you are a beast. Up every morning – put on the workout clothes and just get it done. I love that. I also did that some years ago, but when I do youtube videos for you I have to have some light and look a bit human. If I did it just after getting out of bed, I would scare everybody away… giving people nightmares and bad dreams 😀 hi hi

    I find it funny that you mention the time challenge and fixed reps Carrie, I find it odd to do them live, because I always did them my self without live workout. I too got stressed if we didn’t do the same pace and had some issues about not being as fast as Zuzka…. hi hi who is… she is a beast.

    Miss sometimes those Bodyrock days. It is a bit different now, and not my cup of tea anymore.

    Thank you Lena for your kind words about me being a motivator. That is all I dreamed and hoped to be. What more to strive for…. I cannot think of anything more rewarding and giving personally. Huge hugs to both of you. Love P

  • Lena

    Lol, sorry I just noticed I left a line from your post at the end of my comment 🙂 I always have to copy all those questions so that I don´t forget anything and I forgot to delete it 🙂

  • Lena

    Hi Pernille! I work out every day in the morning, and I usually plan my workouts in the evening the day before. I like to do both strength and HIIT workouts, so I mostly combine few workouts to get all I like. I always prefer realtime workout videos, as I like to workout with “a friend/trainer/workout buddy”, however you call it 🙂 But sometimes I see a great workout breakdown and then I write it down, choose some good music and do the workout on my own (mostly those are lower body strength building workouts). I don´t know why exactly, but I never had a problem with workout motivation – I just wake up, put my workout clothes on and do what I plan to do. Workouts make me feel better, improve my boot, give me a good energy I never look for excuses. Of course, there may be times when I am very ill or when I just have no time – and the world actually doesn´t end when I don´t do a workout, I have already figured this out 🙂 I have seen many people on youtube who have this mindset – they think they have to do hours and hours of workouts every day and they think they would turn into fat snowman if they didn´t get their daily workout. It is not healthy and it doesn´t work like that. It is actually a bit sad. Well, but that´s another topic 🙂 Oh and one more thing about the motivation – a good trainer is the best motivation. Sometimes there´s a good workout on youtube, but the person in the video is absolutely unmotivating and I keep on looking at the clock, whishing the workout already ends. And then there are simple workouts, but the trainer is such a motivator that I would even do the workout ten times in a row, because it is so much fun. This second option definitely applies to your workouts 🙂

    Tell me please about your workout journey. What motivates you, what kind of workout are your favourite (cardio, strength ,both) and what exercise are your absolutely fav and hate?

  • Carrie Anderson

    Hi Pernille! Good to see your videos pop back up on my timeline. I’ll admit, it’s been a little while since I did HIIT at home due to now living in a thin walled/floored apartment, but I do them about once a month when at my boyfriend’s flat for the weekend. So here are my answers to your other questions based on that:

    If the workout has intervals, I like to do it realtime alongside the video. If it’s a time challenge, with fixed reps, I would tend to write it down and do it without the video, as I find it a bit distracting if I can’t keep up with the video. I don’t write down how many reps I’ve done anymore (used to do that a long time ago, ie when Zuzana was still doing Bodyrock!).

    I like to do a mix of workouts throughout the week, so a couple of cardio sessions and a separate lower and upper body weights/strength session. I love to hate jump lunges and plank jumps (of any kind!), just because they’re exhausting and my knee doesn’t like them. And for some reason I can’t do ninja jump tucks and donkey kicks, but would like to master them.

    What motivates me is the thought of getting stronger and more agile with each exercise.

    I hope that helps! Carrie xx

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