Help to create Thursdays workout

Wednesday´s workout is already planned, but I need some help for thursday´s workout. Help me to create a workout that suits YOU 🙂

I already have the 14 exercises (mix between strength and cardio) planned, but I need help here:

Do you want these 14 exercises (10/50) for 2 rounds = 28 minutes?
these 14 exercises (30/50) mixed with cardio burst in between = 18,5 minute?
What do you want to treat your body with????

Please comment below. We are in this together 🙂

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  • Lena (lenula)

    I am glad you like my little workout ideas. I love thinking about various workout formats and I often write down my own workouts. Sometimes I wish I had more courage and do online workouts as you do, but I feel better staying “behind the screen” 🙂 I have a huge admiration for all you fit people who post videos on youtube, face the critique of others that may appear. Well, but working out should be fun, so that´s why i enjoy creating various routines, thinking of new moves and trying something different to challenge myself. I know you know what I mean 🙂

  • admin

    Wow you have a lot of fun ideas how to create a workout that is fun and different. I will def try some of them out very soon… But in this one I am using DB and therefore it is better to do longer intervals, so the short intervals I will save for later, but maybe the 15/90 could be an idea…. Hm
    Thank you so much for your inspirational answer. I’m so glad you gave me all these new variations I have never thought about 🙂
    Knew I could count on you 😉

  • Lena

    I would prefer the first option (28 minutes), or maybe even something totally different. What about 15/90 intervals? Or 3 rounds with 10/50 during the 1st round, 10/35 during the second and 10/20 during the 3rd? Or first round for 10/50 intervals and second round the same moves, but for reps? Oh, so many ideas… Maybe next time 🙂

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