Get ready to sweat for 40 minutes

I have this fun and very intense workout ready for you on my website.

It is a fusion between some of my own creation and Lenula (a follower that came up with the interval layout of the 22,5 minute workout. Amazing way to mix up a workout so THANK YOU <3 <3 Really appreciate your dedication to creating a community of great combos and mix of exercises.

I hope you have an amazing time doing this workout. I had. Please comment and let me know what you think.

The workout it a mix between equipment and bodyweight only sections.

9 minutes of 10/50 KB and UGI workout
repeat it after the bodyweight workout

22,5 minute of pure fun and intense bodyweight exercises for weightloss lovefitness w/pernille
3 rounds – 3 different intervals = 22,5 minutes in total

10/50 1st round = 10 minutes
10/35 2nd round = 7,5 minutes
10/20 3rd round = 5 minutes

9 minutes again ( the ones from the top)


Here is the link directly to the workout



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