Chaos before order right?

Something happened … and I nearly cried. Seriously.

I was working on my youtube channel as you maybe have noticed, when I suddenly discovered, that I had actually two accounts and not only one, as I thought. I discovered that I had 270 videos on one channel and 250 on the other. Maybe for you it is not such a big deal, but for me it is. A big …no actually a HUGE deal.

The more videos you have on youtube, the more credit you get from youtube. More people will see your videos, because Youtube likes you, and therefore when a person writes ex. ‘workout’ in the search box, my videos and channel will pop up more often. It is complicated but sadly the truth. So I have to move /and upload all 250 videos from one channel to the other. I have a channel called pswhfitness /or pernille wedel-heinen, and that channel are going to close down, as soon as I get all videos over on LoveFitness youtube channel….

this one is staying:

So have patience and I hope you will forgive me for bringing danish workouts back on the channel. It is not impossible for you to workout with me to those videos, but of course I understand why it is easier to join the ones with english language.

BUT BUT BUT be assured that I will still do workouts in english on a daily basis, so do not despair. I am not quitting on you.

Huge hugs and have a fantastic sunday.


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