Challenge is up on my website

Under challenge menu the 21 day challenge are stored just ready to go.

For 21 days there will be a daily workout for you. It is a mix of cardio, fatburn, ab, strength workouts. In some of them I will use no or only a little equipment. In some of them I use my weighted vest. I can only recommend to get one, because it is REALLY bringing my game up.

It is brutal and tough, but that is the way I like it.

Remember that it is crucial that you do the exercises with the proper form and that you PUSH yourself. If you are trying to cheat or not giving it your maximum effort, the dreambody that you have in mind when you start working out, are NOT going to happen. You have to bring it every time. Be consistent, be true to your self, bring you best game, take a rest when needed and then back on track. Always make sure to get the right amount of nutrients suitable for you and your body and stay tuned for new workouts.

Hope to see you soon

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