Can you feel it?

My body is still sore from the other day where we did this one hour workout (and I did 4 pull ups yay). It has been a long time since I have been so tired and sore. And a trip to Copenhagen with my husband all Saturday.

At the same time I was very busy doing a assignment for school  I REALLY had to complete this weekend, because tomorrow is another busy day. Hopefully I’ll get my workout done before leaving tomorrow, otherwise it will have ‘to go down’ tomorrow night, and I prefer working out in the mornings.

Today’s workout was short but intense and fun. Hope you will find it challenging enough… otherwise push your self more. 15 minutes are enough if you push your self to your max.

Keep the pace and keep up and let’s get to it.

Come with me and get in the best shape in your lift. Click here to jump directly to the workout

hugs from Denmark

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