By request

A new workout are here for you to join 🙂

24 minute of strength training, and it is a brutal one I promise you.

Here is the link to youtube and the workout.

6 sections of 4 minute and I use db and kb and a chair 🙂

Tomorrow I will try to do a cardio one in my apartment. Working on a plan for not making any noise to my downstair neighbour. Next week here in Denmark we will have snow and COLD weather so need to have a backup plan for the next week or two.

If you have any great ideas for silent cardio exercises please share with me in the comments. It is HUGLY appreciated 🙂

Love and have a fantastic weekend. Hugs P

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  • Lena

    Hi Pernille, for silent cardio I do kettlebell(dumbbell) swing, quick, lighter clean and presses, mountain climbers, russian (crab) kicks, also side lunge jumps are quite silent. donkey “heel clicks”, pendulums, and also many kinds of kickboxing moves (kicking front, side, back, shadow boxing….). If I can think of any more, I´ll write you later 🙂
    The workout from today was The Bomb! I have to say that 1-leg deadlifts for 1,5 minute were probably the worst for me, my 20 kg sandbag felt like 100 kg 🙂

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