Back pains – again

Damn – My lower back are telling me to slow down.

Yesterday I did a insane strength and a cardio-burpee fusion, and my lower back said stop. Since friday I have had some lower back pains during the day, like I had 4 months ago…. I have to let my body rest, and see what happens. I know that my lower back are weak and some of the exercises NOT to do, but I avoided them and still the pains comes. I know that one of the reasons why I push my self is because I want to do something good for myself to take my mind of some other issues in my life right now. I know it won’t be the solution, but just needed a mental break. Hope it make sense. I’m very good at ignoring my body’s signals, but for now I need to listen. Taking it slow for now and just taking small steps. Working out on the realtime workouts put a lot of strain to my ability. And not a good combo I guess 🙁

Stay tuned, and I will make sure to update you with my situation.



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  • Lena

    Oh, I am so sorry you are suffering with pains again! I can understand what you said, that you want to do something good for yourself, to take your mind away from some issues. Working out is my best (and favorite) way of taking my mind away from problems as well. But if it hurts you, brings you pain, it won´t help you in a long term, in the end it will leave you feeling worse than before. Maybe it could help if you try to find more things to focus on. Like reading, painting, music, studying languages, doing distance courses in something you enjoy.. (nutrition, for example, or something fitness related). I know you surely know this, I am sure you have thought about those things many times, but I am just trying to help a bit. Also even a nice long walk can help your mind, we don´t always need to kill ourselves with billions of burpees.

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