Dr. Berts Appetite Correction and weight loss tools

I have a five hour window where I eat, and the rest of the day I only drink coffee, tea, and zero kcal beverages.

You can change the windows ‘open’ time what suits your day, but usually it is 16-21 for me. Sometimes 15-20. I hate going to bed hungry, so that is why it suits me best that way.

This is my current diet lifestyle. It works for me so well, and now I’ve been doing it for a month, and the last 5 kilos are gone FINALLY. It is kind of LCHF because I’m not avoiding fats and still trying to eat low carb, but going for my TDEE which is about 1800-2000 kalories a day if I want to burn some fat a get a weight loss. 

This is the facebook page where I find a lot of support and daily help

In Danish there is a lot of tip on this page….. here you can also find you TDEE so you know how many calories you WILL need every day. Don’t just cut all calories out. Your body and BRAIN needs energy to function 🙂 This is the Fasting tips and what to know about (in Danish):

Forskellige beregnere til TDEE, BMI, fedtprocent etc.

Træning i fastet tilstand