A cardio and an oldie but goodie are ready for you

Did an old strength workout, but love love love the workout, so I hope you have missed it just as much as me 😉

It is a booty workout and we love that right?

And after my workout I planned on going to my roof to do my cardio section Live on facebook. But the rain was pouring down and everything was wet and windy. NOT for me and my Ipad 😉 (mostly my Ipad of course) hmmm

Because I’ve already promised a live workout I had to go down to my apartment and do the workout in my livingroom. I REALLY hoped that my downstairs neighbour wasn’t home. And tried to change some of the moves a bit, so the noise was as minimal as possible. I still got some sweat going, and that just proves that a workout can be done everywhere and with modifications everything is possible, if you just are willing to compromise some exercises or movements.

Hope you enjoyed the workouts and hope to see you again soon. Hugs P


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  • admin

    hi hi yes it is quite hard to try to be silent…. and we’ve just moved in you know, so I won’t make a bad impression yet 😉
    My butt are SOOOOO sore today, but right now planning a new workout to do in a couple of hours… it is going to be mean. I can already feel it.

  • Lena

    It is hard working out in a mega intense HIIT style, when you have a downstair neighbours, isn´t it? It is my daily struggle…I am sure my neighbour hates me from the bottom of her heart because of all the noise I make. But I have no other option, I can´t workout anywhere else and I can´t move to another flat. I try to be as quiet as I can, but sometimes “things” happen 🙂

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