A brutal workout… do not look no further

Today I did an 18 minute sandbag workout. Some days ago I received a request to do more sandbag workouts  from one of my YouTube subscribers. Maybe she didn’t mean that I should do all 18 exercises with sandbag but hell why not 🙂 I’m a all- or- nothing- kind- of- girl 🙂

So 18 minutes of pure evil I must say. I’m now sitting in my living room, it is late and my body feels heavy and tired, and I love that feeling. It is a result of hard workout and that I have pushed myself beyond my limits. That is what really counts. Pushing your self will make your body continue to burn calories, raise your metabolism and that is what we all strive for yeah?

If you want to do this check out fit challenge 2016. March the 14th.

Also the 6th beginner workout is ready. SO an absolute beginner??? there is workouts for you too. Give it a try. I’ll promise you that you will get in shape with these short intense workouts.

Hugs fra Pernille

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