45 minute of pure evil is up….

First up you need to get ready for 28 minute cardio fatburn and then a 16,5 minute ab bonus…. YAY

Go to my beach body prep page and search for todays workouts. Hope you will enjoy them as much as I did.

No equipment needed AT ALL but in my cardio section I do use a skipping rope, but that is optional. You can do high knees, jumping jacks, ski jumps or other exercises. Just use your imagination. I did todays cardio workout in our brand new Streethall in Ørestad Copenhagen. A brilliant place where people can get together doing sport activities, and in a few months time, I hopefully have my very own HIIT class there once a week. Outside there is going to be lots of outdoor HIIT activities as well, so for sunny days we can take the class outside and do push ups and squats around the streethall area. I will for sure post some more videos of the surroundings when it is finished. For now I can do my workouts there, and maybe others will join my live videoes one day…. maybe 🙂 I hope. That would be so much fun.

Have a fantastic tuesday and hugs for sticking with me. I know I haven’t been so consistent with my live and realtime workouts but hopefully I will soon be back with more frequently videos for you all. Hugs P

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