This week has been amazing so far. My back pains are almost non-existent (well not as bad as it has been anyways), I have already worked out several times and had the pleasure of working out on my rooftop in bright sunlight and blue sky. Whats not to like 🙂 about that. I did a great workout today in my flat that was long but fast and really enjoy the feeling in my body right now. I have done something good to myself and feeling much more energetic than I did before I completed the workout.

Go and do yourselves a favour. Workout with me and get in the best shape and you will be so happy that you’ve started right now and not in half a year or more 🙁

Get your gear on and let’s do this together. We are in this together. I’m working on my beach body, because I want to look my best when summer hits Denmark. I am struggling just as much as you, and the fight is real. GAME ON!!! Come on. What are you waiting for. No one will or can do it for you. You NEED to do it yourself and you need to do it now. 10-30 minutes a day is enough as long as you push yourself to the max.

Hope to see you joining me and here is the link for the bodytoning workout for today and please comment and let me know that you are in this with me. The more the merrier 🙂 Love and hugs from me to you. P

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    Hey Lena… sorry for not answering you. Have had a bit of some off months and almost fought my self back up again. I found out that I have IBS and made my life and body hard to handle.
    Right now I’m on this IBS diet for 6 weeks to kind of detox all bad foods out of my body.
    We are only in week two but can see and feel a difference. I’m not as tired and stressed out, and having a more positive attitude towards to future and my life in general.
    I’m not going to bore you with all my ‘crab’ but if this turnes out to be my solution for my body and my back then I will know in 2-3 weeks for sure, and then I will share my experiences with the world 🙂
    For a healthy and positive person like me, it has been very hard and overwhelming 6 months of not knowing what I did wrong and a feeling of not being able to bring my max game. You know for sure what I mean, and that has been a very interesting journey for me, that I want to tell. Soon.
    It has for me been a huge eye-opener and really needed to go through it. I understand it now, but in the middle of it, it felt unbelievable unfair and hard.
    Hugs to you for being there for me (have been thinking of all your kind encouraging words) and sending you all my warmest thoughts and good karma. Hugs and see you

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