21 day challenge DONE !!!! New series coming up

Hey all my fitness friends following along

The 21 day challenge is over, and all 21 days of workouts are on my page ready to use if you haven’t already worked out with me.

The 21 days has been challenging and fun and a lot of my workouts has been some of the hardest ones ever done, so I hope you will find them hard and brutal. If you need to spice them even up a bit, you can always just do another round or add some cardio after the workout.

I must admit that some days I did two workouts and that REALLY pushed me up and beyond what I thought possible for me, and that felt GREAT. But would not recommend that every day though. Pushing your self for 20-25 minutes is enough as long as you push yourselves. Don’t save energy for another round or just for the rest of the day. GIVE IT YOUR MAXIMUM effort every day every workout.

I’m these days working to get my projekt done and have exams next week, so I won’t be that much on social media and on my website. If you have any questions or comments please sent me an email, or write on facebook. I will answer as soon as possible I’ll promise.

My next projekt workout wise, is a MAX OUT series. The first one will be on in a few days and hope you will like it. It is my plan to have at least one a week workout. Not sure I’m going to do more than that on my youtube, but maybe do some LIVE ones on my facebook, so keep an eye on that page also. Hope you are having a great weekend and getting your workouts done no matter what. I am 🙂

Till next update… huge hugs from Denmark and soon to be finished with my exams and starting a new job in a week. Soooo exiting.

Hugs Pernille

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